Mission & Objectives

The institution believes that nursing education is the instrument by which nursing becomes an instrument of care in society.Education at all levels occurs in an environment of scholarly inquiry and is variously oriented toward preparing students to care about and for individuals, families, and communities to enhance wellbeing, promote a healthful life, prevent injury and disease, ameliorate the negative effects of injury and disease and their treatment, and to ensure a dignified and peaceful death. A healthful life is one in which individuals and communities are able to fully participate in the benefits of and conversations about health and that is not limited by place, poverty, prejudices and violence.

The institution believes that nursing is a practice discipline and an instrument of care in society. Nursing is distinctive among the practice disciplines in its angle of vision; in its intimacy, scope and privileged position in relation to patients; and in its concern with creating and using knowledge to achieve practical and moral ends. Nurses are witnesses to life’s most profound events, especially when people are at their most vulnerable. Nursing is an embodied practice, transcending time and space. Nurses stand in between patients- and illness, medicine, and health care system—as mediators, buffers, translators, facilitators, and cultural brokers.

Students of nursing learn the benefits of forming partnerships with individuals, families, and communities and at various organizational levels to improve health, and to influence practice and policy. Students of nursing learn to combine their knowledge of the humanities, the biological, social and nursing sciences, evidence based and ethically appropriate health care services.

The contributions of the nursing and nursing education are to the generation, transmission and creative use of knowledge for practice, the enhancement of health and the continuous improvement of health care, practice & knowledge is comprised of complex transformations and syntheses of case, patient, person and system knowledge for the purpose of discovering and enacting workable and moral solutions to health care problems. As a steward of the public interest, committed to beneficence and the fair use of resources, the institution maintains and improves resources for the benefits of the populations it serves.

Our Objectives

  • After the completion of the degree students will be able to:-

    Utilize/ apply the concept, theories and principles of nursing science in rendering the client care.

    Utilize the latest trends and technology in providing care in health care setting.

    Practice within the framework of code of ethics and professional conduct and acceptable standards of practice with in the legal boundaries.

    Demonstrate critical thinking in making decision in all health care setting in order to provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

    Conduct need based research studies and evidence based practice in various setting and utilizes the research findings to improve the quality of care.

Events & Updates